Primet to Partner with Cornell to Develop Novel Electrolytes for Advanced Batteries

Primet to Partner with Cornell to Develop Novel Electrolytes for Advanced Batteries

March 23, 2010 | Ithaca, NY | Cornell University and Primet Precision Materials, Inc. are partnering to develop a family of novel electrolytes for advanced batteries with improved safety, temperature and voltage performance. The project employs breakthrough technology to address several primary challenges facing Li ion batteries (LIB) for electric vehicles, including the need for a wider operating temperature range and for higher energy and power density.

The new family of battery electrolytes will be developed using nanoparticle-based hybrid liquids and gels derived from a new materials platform, nanoscale ionic materials (NIMS), recently discovered and developed at Cornell. Primet will support the transition of this new technology to the marketplace by demonstrating the scalable production of these improved electrolytes that is required for commercialization.

An R&D team from Cornell and Primet has been assembled with complementary expertise in synthesis, processing, electrochemical characterization and battery testing and evaluation. “Collaboration with Primet is important to the success of the project,” noted David Jung, Assistant Director of the KAUST-Cornell Center for Energy and Sustainability, who authored the proposal for the project. “This partnership will provide an invaluable nanomaterials processing and scale-up component and will help enable rapid commercial transition of discoveries emerging from the project.”

“We’re excited about the prospects of this novel technology to address one of the most difficult materials science problems in the LIB world, “ said Primet CEO Larry Thomas. “We have a long history of successful collaboration with Cornell, and are sure that this will be another.

The project is being funded by a grant from The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through the New York Battery and Energy Storage (NY-BEST) consortium. It is one of nineteen energy-storage projects recently selected by NYSERDA for their potential to strengthen New York’s standing as a national leader in the energy storage industry and help build New York’s clean energy economy for the future.

The awards were announced March 10, 2010 at the NY-BEST annual meeting.  NY-BEST is an industry-focused coalition working to further the development and manufacture of an advanced battery and energy storage sector in New York State by capitalizing on New York’s existing broad base of energy storage companies and research centers.
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