Primet Precision Ceo Larry Thomas To Address International Battery Conference In Munich

Primet Precision Ceo Larry Thomas To Address International Battery Conference In Munich
Sole U. S. panel representative to examine global future of important industry sector
October 3, 2012

Ithaca, NY (Oct. 3, 2012) — Larry Thomas, CEO and President of Primet Precision Materials, Inc., has been asked by organizers at MunichExpo to speak at the 2nd International Battery Conference ( on October 25, 2012. This conference will parallel two renowned trade fairs, eCarTec and Materialica, the latter being Europe’s top event for material-driven and supplier-oriented product innovations. The focus of the 2nd International Battery Conference is on battery and fuel cell production including materials, technologies and applications.

Mr. Thomas will offer a presentation during the “market relevance” portion of the conference titled “Changing the Landscapes of Lithium Ion Batteries.” His talk will address the urgent need for the suppliers of critical raw materials and producers of lithium ion batteries to develop and adopt processes that can:

  • Substantially reduce the cost of producing powders, in turn dramatically reducing the cost of the battery packs for electric vehicles.
  • Create production at the scale required by the auto industry without requiring excessive capital investment
  • Avoid solving one environmental problem (vehicle fuel consumption and emissions) by creating another (chemical processes that consume massive amounts of energy, use solvents or other harmful process chemicals, and create significant waste streams)
  • Produce multiple chemistries from a single process to reduce the time from invention to production of new molecules

Primet’s patented NanoScissionĀ® process technology is one such technology. It can dramatically lower electrode material production costs at industrially scalable manufacturing levels required to make large quantities of materials needed by the EV industry. Cost effective, scalable processes for highly uniform particles have previously been an industry wide deterrent for mass production.

One of nearly 20 presenters from several countries, Mr. Thomas will be the sole representative from the United States joining in a discussion of how the global future of battery power may look. The program will also include talks on various processes, materials, and perspectives on the ever-changing world of alternative energy and battery power.

About Primet Precision Materials, Inc.:
Primet Precision Materials, Inc. is an advanced materials company with innovative technologies capable of producing materials sized from micron to nano. The company’s focus is on lithium-ion battery materials for electric transportation where its technology can quickly transform this industry. Primet’s NanoScissionĀ® process can dramatically reduce manufacturing cost for batteries needed in the key segments of electric transportation, including e-bikes, hybrids and electric vehicles, helping to dramatically reduce the retail costs for these vehicles to put them in reach of mainstream consumers. To learn more about Primet, visit

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