Primet Ceo Larry Thomas To Speak At Advanced Energy 2012 In New York City

Primet Ceo Larry Thomas To Speak At Advanced Energy 2012 In New York City
October 10, 2012

ITHACA, NY – The Advanced Energy Research & Technology center has invited Larry Thomas, President and CEO of Primet Precision Materials, Inc., to present as part of a prestigious panel at the Advanced Energy 2012 conference ( to be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, Oct. 30-31.

The two-day event will feature keynote addresses and informational sessions focusing on every sector of the energy industry, with special emphasis on several key areas: smart grid, solar, offshore and onshore wind, battery and energy storage and energy cyber-security.

During a presentation relating to the scheduled topic “Technology Advancements in Energy Storage,” Mr. Thomas will share his perspectives on the urgent need for the suppliers of critical raw materials and producers of lithium ion batteries to develop and adopt a process that can:

  • Substantially reduce the cost of producing powders, in turn dramatically reducing the cost of the battery packs for electric vehicles.
  • Create production at scalable levels in a physical footprint dramatically smaller than current traditional methods.
  • Greatly reduce the energy required to produce, far less than current methods.
  • Be a water-based technology and with little or no waste residual – a green process.
  • Offer production at scalable levels with a much shorter production cycle.

About Primet Precision Materials, Inc.:
Primet Precision Materials, Inc. is an advanced materials company with innovative technologies capable of producing materials sized from micron to nano. The company’s focus is on lithium-ion battery materials for electric transportation where its technology can quickly transform this industry. Primet’s NanoScission® process can dramatically reduce manufacturing cost for batteries needed in the key segments of electric transportation, including e-bikes, hybrids and electric vehicles, helping to dramatically reduce the retail costs for these vehicles to put them in reach of mainstream consumers. To learn more about Primet, visit

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