Our Technology

Our Technology

Traditional chemical technologies to make small particles consume large amounts of energy and produce inferior inconsistent materials, relative to leading edge market needs. This results in inefficient use of resources and reduction in ability to scale production. They are extremely capital intensive in terms of equipment cost, manufacturing space needs and energy consumption.

Primet’s environmentally-friendly process technology offers dramatic savings – up to 85% reductions in both capital and operating costs for electrode material production, and with lower-cost raw materials than the industry uses today. And as electric vehicle sales grow, American consumers will be saving close to $1 billion a year, as well.

This means by deploying Primet’s NanoScission® technology, the average materials manufacturer will be saving more than $50 million on the cost of building a world-scale plant and over $10 million in annual operating costs. These savings can also be realized very quickly in retrofit and expansion of existing production facilities.

Primet’s process has been recognized by industry experts, US government laboratories, and the world’s leading battery producers as a step-change improvement over conventional technology for the production of advanced materials. The technology has been proven on a wide array of cathode and anode compositions that are in current use as well as next-generation high-voltage materials. Primet is ready to provide commercial quantities (e.g. 25 kg bags) of electrode materials made at its demonstration facility in Ithaca, NY, so the performance and cost advantages can be tested by our customers.

How our technology works