Larry Thomas, Primet Precision Ceo, To Speak At The Battery Show
Landmark process advancements at Primet garner prestigious moderator position

NYSERDA Awards $650,000 to Primet Precision Materials to further work on energy-efficient battery materials process, lithium titanate anode
The funding will also be used for the firm to develop an improved lithium titanate anode material that could improve battery safety and make more efficient rechargeable batteries for a variety of uses, including modular utility electric systems for use at wind and solar generating sites.

Primet Precision was recently featured in the SAE Journal of Vehicle Electrification
Click here to download and read the article in PDF format

New Process Promises Cheaper Li-ion Battery Electrodes
More affordable electric vehicles soon may be possible, thanks to a new process that significantly cuts the production costs of electrode materials used in lithium-ion battery cells.

Changing How Batteries Are Produced – Lithium Battery Power 2012: Primet Precision’s NanoScission® process reduces costs and improves performance of Hybrid, Plug-In, and Electric Vehicles
Primet Precision CEO Larry Thomas announced the licensing opportunity at a press conference on Nov. 15 in New York.

Primet Ceo Larry Thomas To Speak At Advanced Energy 2012 In New York City
The two-day event will feature keynote addresses and informational sessions focusing on every sector of the energy industry.

Primet Precision Ceo Larry Thomas To Address International Battery Conference In Munich
Sole U. S. panel representative to examine global future of important industry sector.

Primet Precision Named a Top Green Company
This list includes the top most promising privately-held green tech companies in New York State.

Primet Ceo Larry Thomas’s Address to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 2012 Powertrain Electric Motors Symposium
Full transcript, plus supporting slides.

Primet Ceo Larry Thomas To Address Prestigious 2012 Powertrain Electric Motors Symposium
Detroit conference to focus on global innovations in electric vehicles.

Primet Precision Materials Joins INSCX Exchange
Primet Precision Materials announces it has joined the INSCX™ Exchange ( and Comdaq Exchange ( as a Principal Approved Supplier of engineered nanomaterials (NMs).

Made in Tompkins: Primet plans to give electric vehicles a boost
In the next few decades, Larry Thomas believes, every car sold in the United States will need hybrid electric power and advanced battery technology in order to meet federal mileage requirements.

CEO Larry Thomas discusses EV battery costs in Batteries International
Key to creating the electrification of transport in the future will be our ability to deliver an affordable battery pack. However, Larry Thomas, president of Primet Precision Materials, questions whether we are going the right way about it.

Automotive Industries Magazine features Primet
With every major OEM now in the race to produce affordable electric vehicles (EVs), the focus is on ways of bringing down the cost of manufacturing and ownership — and that of the battery in particular.

“Meeting those cost goals will require innovation across the entire battery value chain,” says Larry Thomas, president and CEO of Primet Precision Materials based in Ithaca, New York. The Obama administration has poured $2.4 billion to spur commercialization of electric-vehicle batteries, battery materials and charging infrastructure. Obama wants to see a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 as the US competes against China, Japan and other Asian countries for the lead. That will only happen if the cost of ownership of an EV is competitive against that of a gasoline or diesel–powered vehicle.

Hinchey Brings Ithaca-Based Primet CEO to Capitol Hill for Military Battery Technology Forum
Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y. (22nd CD), issued the following news release: Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), the founder of the Defense Energy Security Caucus, today hosted Larry Thomas of Ithaca-based Primet Precision Materials and representatives from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps for a discussion on how the military can employ efficient batteries to reduce the weight load carried by soldiers in the field.

Primet Precision Signs $2.1 Million U.S. Army Contract by Hinchey to Further Advanced Battery Technology Research
Primet Precision Materials, Inc. today announced that it has signed a Department of Defense contract secured through the direct efforts of Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) for a research and development program to enable the production of advanced performance lithium ion batteries at a substantially lower cost than current manufacturing processes…

Primet Precision Materials Receives Investment From New York State
March 25, 2011 | Ithaca, NY | Earlier this month, NYSTAR, the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology, and Innovation, joined in an extension of…

Primet CEO Larry Thomas to Speak at Major Electric Vehicle Conference on Cost Reduction
March 11, 2011 | Ithaca, NY | Primet Precision Materials CEO Larry Thomas will be a presenter at the 3rd International EV Battery Tech Conference/Global Cost…

Primet Forms Battery Research Team
February 17, 2011 | Ithaca, NY | Primet Precision Materials is pleased to announce that it has strengthened its battery materials team with the hiring …

Primet CEO Larry Thomas Joins Board of Directors of the Child Advocacy Center of Lehigh County
Primet CEO Larry Thomas has accepted an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors of the Child Advocacy Center of Lehigh County…

Primet CEO to Speak at MIT Enterprise Forum
Primet CEO Larry Thomas will be one of three panel speakers at the Cleantech: Scaling to Growth Forum being presented by the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC on…

Primet Receives First Defense Contract, Commences Work on Consortium Project for US DODOct 14, 2010 | Ithaca, NY | Primet was recently awarded its first formal contract with the US Department of Defense and began work on its project to develop a Li-ion cell system that is lower in co…

Primet to Partner with Cornell to Develop Novel Electrolytes for Advanced Batteries
March 23, 2010 | Ithaca, NY | Cornell University and Primet Precision Materials, Inc. are partnering to develop a family of novel electrolytes for advanced batteries with improved safety…