Manufacturing: The Future Of Particle Processing

Manufacturing: The Future Of Particle Processing

Particle Processing

Our focus is on lithium ion battery materials for electric transportation where our technology can quickly transform this industry.

Primet’s environmentally-friendly process technology offers dramatic savings – up to 85% reductions in both capital and operating costs for electrode material production, and with lower-cost raw materials than the industry uses today. And as electric vehicle sales, American consumers will be saving close to $1 billion a year, as well.

This is clearly illustrated by Primet’s three core distinctions in our manufacturing capabilities:

- volume versatility from batch to high tonnage
- uniform reproducibility to levels previously not achievable
- dramatically lower capital and facility requirements needed to process

Primet’s NanoScission® produces materials with scalable, robust, low-cost industrial processes capable of making both current and next generation chemistries.

Current industrial scale manufacturing processes for particulate materials have reached their limits. As the manufacturer tries to push the manufacturing process to smaller sizes, more variability on the supply side is occurring. This has impeded progress in the commercialization of battery electrode materials.

By deploying Primet’s NanoScission® technology, the average materials manufacturer will be saving more than $50 million on the cost of building a world-scale plant and over $10 million in annual operating costs. These savings can also be realized very quickly in retrofit and expansion of existing production facilities.