Licensing packages are being prepared for immediate deployment in commercial facilities. Installing a production line in an existing facility capable of making 300 tons of electrode materials per year (enough to make 30,000 Toyota Prius battery packs) would require very low capital equipment expenditures. Companies employing the technology can expect a payback period on their investments of less than two years.

Best of all, implementing Primet’s technology would not require auto manufacturers to change anything in the design or construction of their batteries or vehicles, as Primet’s process simply allows suppliers to make the same materials at a large scale, at a lower cost, and with high performance.

Primet’s NanoScission® process technology relies on a broad portfolio of globally-filed and issued patents, as well as extensive trade secret knowledge on desirable particle features and the processes and equipment required to create them. This IP covers the entire production process for the conversion of base minerals into finished electrode powders and formulated slurries ready for battery fabrication. And Primet is continuing to advance its technology through extensive product and process development.

Primet’s process has been recognized by industry experts, US government laboratories, and the world’s leading battery producers as a step-change improvement over conventional technology for the production of advanced materials. The technology has been proven on a wide array of cathode and anode compositions that are in current use as well as next-generation high-voltage materials. Primet is ready to provide commercial quantities (e.g. 25 kg bags) of electrode materials made at its demonstration facility in Ithaca, NY, so the performance and cost advantages can be tested by our customers.

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