Larry Thomas, Primet Precision Ceo, To Speak At The Battery Show

Larry Thomas, Primet Precision Ceo, To Speak At The Battery Show
June 13, 2013

Landmark process advancements at Primet garner prestigious moderator position

Ithaca, NY — Larry Thomas, CEO and President of Primet Precision Materials, Inc., has been invited to moderate a discussion at The Battery Show on September 17 in Novi, Mich., about the delicate balance between volume and cost when it comes to green technology. Mr. Thomas will moderate a prestigious track examining new approaches to materials and chemistries related to green automotive technologies.

As Primet CEO, Mr. Thomas has overseen the creation, testing and application of a process technology that requires a fraction of the energy required by traditional methods, and a far shorter production time in a radically reduced physical plant to create electrode materials. Primet’s NanoScission® technology could save the average materials manufacturer more than $50 million on the cost of building a world- scale plant and over $10 million in annual operating costs.

This track at The Battery Show will look at new approaches to materials and chemistries in regard to power technology. Other topics to be covered at the two-day conference are market trends and analysis; regulations/standards; safety/testing; second life/re-use; energy storage; research & development updates; and battery management systems.

Taking place September 17-19, 2013, in Novi, Michigan, The Battery Show 2013 is the premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology.

The Battery Show is attended by technical leaders, scientists, engineers, project leaders, buyers and senior executives concerned with advanced energy storage and will host the very latest advanced battery solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles, utility & renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications.

About Primet Precision Materials, Inc.: Primet Precision Materials, Inc. is an advanced materials company with innovative technologies capable of producing materials sized from micron to nano. The company’s focus is on lithium-ion battery materials for electric transportation where its technology can quickly transform this industry. Primet’s NanoScission® process can dramatically reduce manufacturing cost for batteries needed in the key segments of electric transportation, including e-bikes, hybrids and electric vehicles, helping to dramatically reduce the retail costs for these vehicles to put them in reach of mainstream consumers. To learn more about Primet, visit

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