Hinchey Brings Ithaca-Based Primet CEO to Capitol Hill for Military Battery Technology Forum


WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 — Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y. (22nd CD), issued the following news release: Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), the founder of the Defense Energy Security Caucus, today hosted Larry Thomas of Ithaca-based Primet Precision Materials and representatives from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps for a discussion on how the military can employ efficient batteries to reduce the weight load carried by soldiers in the field. The briefing was widely attended by members of Congress, congressional staffers, think tank representatives, defense industry experts and members of the U.S. military.

“Our troops can be loaded with more than 100 pounds of equipment, including body armor, water and batteries,” said Hinchey. “With that large burden, they aren’t able to be as agile or effective as possible. High tech batteries are a good way in which we can further cut down on that weight. I secured $8 million in federal funding to help Primet develop technologies that can be deployed in the field to accomplish this goal. That’s why I invited Larry Thomas to Washington for this talk. His firm is on the cutting edge of this field, and he’s got a lot of important information to share with Members of Congress.” The mission of the Defense Energy Security Caucus, which Hinchey co-founded, is to educate members of Congress and the public about the strategic value of utilizing conservation, efficiency and sustainable energy sources for the U.S. military; highlight and support established and emerging defense energy initiatives; and to help find solutions to energy challenges facing the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense.

The caucus is a forum through which the DoD, the Armed Forces, energy industry and members of Congress can exchange ideas and give defense energy security policy an additional synergistic platform that will contribute to mission success, protect lives, save money and safeguard the environment.

The $8 million Hinchey previously secured in federal investments for Primet is for the development of advanced battery technologies for the Pentagon. The federal funding allowed Primet to form a unique partnership with Applied Materials, a major semiconductor company, as well as Cornell University and Binghamton University, two well-established research universities with expertise in this field.

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Read the remarks from Primet’s CEO Larry Thomas before the Defense Energy Security Caucus (DESC)

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